Memberships and Pricing

Basic Boot Camp Memberships

For all basic boot camp memberships, beginner to advanced fitness levels (ages 16 and up if accompanied by an adult) are welcome. You will select your “base” class time, which is the time you will attend most often, and are welcome to attend any other class time as needed. These memberships are good for all boot camp classes Monday – Friday. Weekend classes, small group training and specialty classes are not included in these memberships.


NEW MEMBER 30-DAY TRIAL Membership - $79: One Month Unlimited Boot Camp Classes

Never been to EmpowerFIT boot camp* and want to experience the benefits of a daily dose of boot camp?  Try our classes for 30-days and experience the life transforming benefits our program offers.  From increased energy, strength, balance and agility to a leaner body, more confidence and a positive outlook on life, you'll know why our motto is "Training for the Sport of Life!"

*This membership is open to anyone who has never attended EmpowerFIT celebrity porn boot camp.


Month-to-Month UNLIMITED Boot Camp Classes: $169/Month

(Automatically billed monthly until written cancellation is received.  Written cancellation must be received 5 days or more prior to renewal date.  Minimum of 1 month is required.)

If you are looking for serious improvements in your fitness performance and marked changes in your physique, this is the program for you. While you’ll see great results attending boot camp a couple of days per week, we find our participants see the most changes when they attend 3 or more days per week.  When attending an average of 3 days per week, you pay just $13 per class, and if you attend up to 5 days per week, it's only $8 per class. 



Twelve Months UNLIMITED Boot Camp Classes: $154/Month
(Automatically billed monthly for 12 months.  Minimum of 12 months is required.  Early cancellation fees apply.)

For those of you who just can’t survive without your daily dose of boot camp, our 12-month membership is for you. By far the best deal we offer, you have access to unlimited classes for just $154 per month. If you attend up to 5 days per week, you pay just $7 per class!


Month-to-Month LIMITED Boot buy priligy Camp Classes: $129/Month

For our members who need more flexibility, we offer a limited membership option giving our limited members the opportunity to attend up to 8 classes per month.  You will still achieve great results with this membership option, all while levitra online having the ability to attend to your other priorities.  You pay about $16 per class if you attend the maximum 8 classes per month.



Basic Boot Camp Class Passes

Single Class Pass - $20 (expires 30 days after purchase)

Offering the most flexibility, sign up as you go! (With this option, you must pre-schedule your classes and follow the one hour before class early cancellation policy or be charged for your classes).



SEASONAL: Saturday Summer Series

Saturday propecia online classes are NOT included in Monthly Memberships, or discounted Memberships. Each class is a $20 fee.  For more details, dates, and registration, click here!

Have questions about our membership options or how to register?  Contact us at (650) 242-5073 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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